Around The World | February 2013

It’s official. We’re at the beginning of the spring bull sale season run.

One of the craziest phenomenons in the spring bull sale season is our tendency to out think the box when selling or buying herd bulls. I concede, it’s one of the most important days a producer has, but sometimes less is more.

Selling Made Simple
Marketing – Establish your target buyer. Make sure you’re connecting to your buyers effectively (thru personal service and both print/internet media outlets) and you’ve created a presentable, industry current product that’s in demand. Lastly, don’t hesitate to enlist the help of industry respected professionals—that’s what they are there for.

Do your homework – Reach out to past, present and prospective customers. Visit with them about their programs, let them know what your selling and how your product can benefit them.

Sale-day presentation – This start’s the day you make breeding decisions—period. Make sure the product you’re aiming to create is industry relevant. FEED (yes it’s expensive) your bulls so they realize their full potential—it’ll be the best investment you make. Provide your buyers with full documentation—registrations, EPDs, performance records, ultrasound data, genetic testing results, etc.

Buying Made Simple

Evaluate and prioritize needs – The search for your next herd bull starts at home, not sale morning. Evaluate your own customer base and be honest about your program’s strengths and weaknesses. This will help you prioritize needs, gain a better understanding of how to improve your product and ultimately make you more profitable.

Quality – Make sure your herd sire purchase is industry relevant as well as relevant to your target customers. Study the handful of programs you’re interested in investing in, then visually, numerically and pedigree appraise the bulls to suit your specific needs.

Service – You are the buyer. It’s your hard-earned cash and responsibility to make sure the program you’re buying from will back up their product and give you exactly what you need to be successful. Remember, when buying bulls, just as vehicles, you get what you pay for.

Hopefully, by now you’ve dusted off your bull selling or buying hat. I encourage you to give these points a few moments of thought. I look forward to seeing you down the road at sales this spring. If I can be of service, please feel free to give me a call. Best of luck to each of you this bull sale season.

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