NALF Report | September 2013

After spending a great week in Springfield, Missouri, for the annual Junior National show, the NALF staff would like to thank everyone involved for helping put on a great week of events. With the help of Ty and Susie Heavin, Brooke and Shaun Edwards, the Pinegar crew, and all the folks who pitched in from the Missouri Limousin Breeders Association, the event was a great success. Kaye Weaber and the rest of the staff appreciated all the help throughout the week.

We also thank the exhibitors and their parents for attending. The expense of hauling cattle down the road is an investment in our youth and the future of the breed. We are extremely excited about the quality young people serving on our NALJA board; these exceptional young leaders are a true asset to our organization and have worked hard to obtain their positions. We are also impressed by the high level of participation in our satellite events by our junior exhibitors throughout the week.

The online issues with the registry system have been fixed, particularly the problems the defect module created which inhibited the registration of Lim-Flex cattle. If you encounter any problems with registering your cattle, please contact us at the Denver office.

There will be additional changes and upgrades over the next fiscal year, but they should not impact the registry system in a negative way. NALF will also be looking to upgrade its parentage testing from STR (microsatellite) to SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism), which will help turnaround times on parentage testing and allow Limousin to stay competitive with the services offered to its members and improve accuracy and timeliness of results.

NALF also completed its summer board meeting in August. The board is intent on maintaining the national advertising budget at levels similar to the increases made in 2012-2013. Many of you have noticed the advertising NALF has placed this year, especially through the summer months with Superior and Western Video feeder cattle markets, along with print advertising. Look for these programs to continue and be upgraded through the 2013-14 fiscal year. Many more details regarding the August board meeting can be found in the October issue.

To recapture market share, we will continue to push for more commercial acceptance of Limousin cattle within the United States beef industry. Promoting the benefits of utilizing Limousin genetics will continue to be at the forefront of our focus as we promote the advantages the breed has in terms of feed efficiency, muscling, superior replacement females and the ability to hit the Choice quality grade with our Lim-Flex cattle. These advantages are not only of importance in the seedstock business, but are critical in the commercial cow-calf, feedyard and packing industries.

NALF will soon begin our preparation for the 2014 National Western Stock Show that incorporates our annual meeting, shows and sale. With a strong showing of cattle and membership at last year’s event, we are looking forward to 2014 with an increase in entries anticipated on both the hill and yard shows. We will also see many of you this fall at Kansas City and Louisville. The importance of these events can’t be overstated as they provide an opportunity to display the superior cattle you are both breeding and exhibiting, which in turn attracts more seedstock producers into the Limousin business.

NALF is also excited to complete the acquisition of the Limousin World magazine in Oklahoma. This was basically a completion of the action taken by the board five years ago after partnering with the magazine and its principal owners. The magazine will continue to operate out of Guthrie, Oklahoma, and be managed by its current editor, Kyle Haley. We look forward to continuing to work together with the Limousin World crew and are grateful for their experience in running a successful magazine for the Limousin breed.

Cattle markets are changing and continue to evolve in the United States beef industry. Branded beef will continue to increase, along with the segregation of markets that cater to different consumer demands whether it be Choice, Select, natural or conventionally-fed beef. Export markets will continue to increase and require different grades and classes of cattle which require specific feed regimens. Limousin breeders and their cattle have a unique opportunity to capture additional market share through this environment, given the diversity the breed offers through its various segments.

NALF and its board will be looking to capitalize on this over the next two years as we establish programs specific for Limousin cattle that can be marketed to producers, feeders, packers and retailers. We will keep you updated as things progress.

Have a great fall and contact us at the Denver office with your questions or suggestions.

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