NALF Report | November 2012

Fall is a busy time for cow-calf producers, between fall weaning, fall calving, harvest winding down and fall sale season, producers have plenty to keep them busy. Remember that November 15 is the deadline for data submission to be included the Spring Limousin Genetic Cattle Evaluation.

If you are selling bulls this spring, that deadline will be important since our industry is becoming more data driven. It is also important to submit full contemporary group data and whole-herd reporting. The fall sale season is also upon us, which we are looking forward to as we are anticipating strong sale prices given the current cattle market.

By now the fall show season is also in full swing. These venues serve as great opportunities to showcase the quality of the cattle the Limousin breed is producing. With the success of the National Junior Show and All-American Futurity this summer in Des Moines, the level of competition at these shows will be high and reflect the type and kind of cattle that are not only needed, but useful in today’s commercial cattle business. NALF will have a staff presence at the fall shows and we are excited about the upcoming events.

With recent press geared toward straight-breeding commentaries, we know that Limousin cattle still possess the ideal characteristics to be included in a crossbreeding program with British-based cows. Targeted crossbreeding might be one the most valuable tools our industry has. We are looking at a growing world population that will require 100 percent more food by the year 2050, of which nearly 70 percent will have to come through improved efficiency. At NALF, we look at this as a major opportunity to grow our breed. Through our new aggressive marketing campaign, we will begin to heavily promote the advantages of Limousin in a crossbreeding program. This was made possible by our board substantially increasing the marketing budget this fiscal year.

As we proceed through the next fiscal year, you will see NALF advertising in more industry publications, along with having a presence on Superior Livestock Auction and Western Video Market feeder cattle sales. With the print publications NALF is targeting, members may have an interest to advertise their own herds and upcoming sales alongside NALF’s advertising. If you have an interest in this, you can get a list of the publications NALF will be advertising in. Please contact the NALF office to obtain additional information on publications we will be targeting.

NALF will also have a booth once again at the 2013 Cattle Industry Convention & NCBA Trade Show in Tampa, Florida. Although we will not be displaying live cattle in the booth as we have in the previous years, we will offer breeders the chance to have their cattle and operations displayed on a video loop that will play throughout our time at the tradeshow. We will also be putting out breeder information and fliers on various operations that want to participate. If you are interested in participating in this program, contact Joe Epperly for more information. We plan to display cattle again at the 2014 NCBA convention. As you know the NCBA convention is highly attended by industry leaders. Attendance usually averages more than 5,000 each year.

The National Western Stock Show is fast approaching and we look forward to another successful event. With the success of the National Sale at last year’s National Western, we anticipate another successful sale in 2013 with additional cattle being offered. Yard exhibitors will have the opportunity to enter individual bulls out of the pen show. If you need information on entering cattle in the National Sale, contact Joe Epperly with your questions. The deadline to enter the National Sale is November 15.

In addition to the Limousin profilers currently offered, members have the option to obtain parentage on cattle with SNP data versus microsatellite (STR) parentage. This allows members to take advantage of lower prices to parent verify in combination with the Limousin Profiler. Since SNP and STR genotypes are not compatible, members will have to obtain SNP genotypes on the parents of animals they want to do SNP parentage on. In an effort to make the conversion to SNP parentage, NALF will cost share running the historic SNP genotypes with members. It will only cost members $12 per head to run a historic SNP genotype on an A.I. sire or donor dam and you can save up to $10 per head on parentage for their progeny.

I want to wish you all good luck in the fall sale and show season. Remember to send your Pfizer receipts to Bobbi Hartwig by fax, mail or e-mail. The end of the year is drawing closer and we are still a ways from our targeted goal.

Marketing and promoting the Limousin breed will be our key focus in 2013. If you have any questions about our marketing efforts or any other program offered at NALF please feel free to call us. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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