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NALF News | June/July 2012

NALF Partners With Pfizer Animal Health On Incentive Program

NALF and Pfizer Animal Health formed and incentive partnership that began April 1 and will run through December 2014. This program has the potential to open numerous doors for the Foundation and will allow for new opportunities. The incentive program is a group effort between the membership, NALF staff and Pfizer Animal Health. If we all work together, this can be a great benefit for not only NALF, but the membership as a whole.

Essentially, the incentive program enables any NALF member who uses Pfizer vaccines or animal health products to send copies of their receipts, along with a contact name/membership number, to the NALF office for a potential one percent rebate that will go toward future research and educational opportunities the Foundation plans to implement over the next few years.

A complete list of Pfizer Animal Health products can be found on the NALF website. Start faxing, e-mailing or mailing copies of your Pfizer Animal Health receipts to:
Fax: 303/220-1884, e-mail: limousin@nalf.org
Mail: 6 Inverness Court East, Suite 260, Englewood, CO 80112

Hartwig Announced as Director of Activities

Bobbi Hartwig of Dunlap, Iowa, assumed her role as director of activities for the North American Limousin Foundation (NALF) April 23.

As the director of activities, Hartwig will serve as coordinator for the Medal of Excellence (MOE) show program, Emerging Leaders Academy (ELA) and the North American Limousin junior Association (NALJA), along with taking on additional responsibilities for new programs such as the incentive program with Pfizer Animal Health.

NALF Board of Directors Nomination & At-Large Information

In an effort to make the NALF Board of Directors nomination and at-large process easier to understand, there is helpful information located on the NALF website under the “Contact NALF” section. For additional information, please contact the NALF office.

Zilk Resigns After 15 Years at NALF

It is with a great sense of loss that NALF announces the resignation of Mary Zilk, director of operations and accounting, after 15 years of service to the Foundation. Please join us in thanking her for all she has done at the Foundation and to wish her well in her future endeavors. Mary’s last day at NALF was June 15.

Collecting Heifer Data Is High Priority

The heifer-retention reporting tool is available for Limousin Inventory Management System (LIMS) participants via the secured, members-only portion of the North American Limousin Foundation (NALF) website (http://online.nalf.org). LIMS participants have until August 15 to report heifer-exposure information.

The optional reporting will help ensure active LIMS inventories accurately reflect incoming replacement heifers and eliminate the need to report disposal codes for culled heifers later.

It also will give NALF the data it needs for genetic evaluation of heifer pregnancy. Developing and implementing an expected progeny difference (EPD) for that trait is a key element of the highest priority action item under Strategy 1 (Breed Improvement) in NALF’s strategic plan.

NJLS&C and AALF Bound For Des Moines

“Win the Jackpot” NJLS&C will be July 7-13 in Des Moines, Iowa. This year the NJLS&C will be hosted by the Iowa Limousin Association. The AALF will be July 13. All activities will be hosted at the Iowa State Fairgrounds and the Sheraton West Des Moines hotel.

Member Service Fee, Voluntary Check-off Support Breed Functions

Thanks to the loyal support of those who pay their member service fees, NALF has maintained effective breed advertising, increased staff representation at events, developed extensive Web-based tools and offered informational programs.

Those who participate in the annual plan may register animals at half the inactive-member rates; enjoy free access to the secured, members-only portion of the NALF website; and activate complimentary subscriptions to the Bottom Line newsletter for their bull customers.

The voluntary check-off generates additional resources for commercial marketing. NALF automatically bills $2 per head at registration to participating members’ accounts. Enrollment is easy—just mark the space on your member-service–fee notice. You may change your check-off-enrollment status at any time by contacting the NALF office.

Denver to Host Industry Conference

NALF encourages its members to participate in the Cattle Industry Summer Conference, July 25-28, in Denver, Colorado. You do not have to be a National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) member to participate. If you have questions or would like additional information about the conference or NCBA membership, call 303/694-0305.

NALF Board Completes Spring Meeting

The NALF Board of Directors approved the following actions at its April meeting in Denver, Colorado:

It was proposed by the show committee and approved by the board of directors to begin tattoo verifying all animals’ registration papers that are shown at MOE shows. Please bring your animal’s registration papers to all shows beginning with the regional shows. This is being done to cut down on check-in time at Level I and Level II MOE Shows.

The next board meeting will be August 21-22, where the fiscal year 2012–2013 budget will be the main topic of discussion. As always, the NALF board encourages all NALF members to suggest agenda items or share thoughts and opinions about current issues facing the breed. See the board directory at left or in the “Contact NALF” section of the website.

Online Sponsorships Offer Extended Marketing Reach

To provide continuous marketing opportunities for its members and their partners in allied industry, NALF offers internet-based sponsorship programs.

Each issue of the semimonthly Partners e-newsletter includes three sponsor spots. They sell for $75 each and are available on a “first-come, first-served” basis. For more information, contact Brooke Bennett at the NALF office.

Paperwork Takes Time

Sellers usually submit transfer paperwork for sale cattle after buyers settle their accounts, which typically takes a month after the sale date. If you need to receive registration papers for specific animals sooner than that, please notify the sale managers so they can expedite those transfers.

Transfers are quicker and easier with the online tool in the secured, members-only portion of the NALF website. Find the “Transfer an Animal” link under the “My Herd” tab on your member site.

If you need registration papers for a show, call the NALF office at least one week beforehand so staff members can assist you. Do not wait longer than that because they usually need at least three business days to get a new paper to you.

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