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NALF Line | May 2012

It is with great excitement we announce that NALF and Pfizer Animal Health have formed a partnership for an incentive program that began April 1 and will run through December 2014. This program has the potential to open numerous doors for the Foundation and allow for new opportunities. The incentive program will need to be a group effort by the membership in order to be successful, but if we work together this can be a great benefit for not only NALF, but also the entire membership.

Essentially what the incentive program entails is, any NALF member who uses Pfizer vaccines or animal health products can fax their receipts to the NALF office for a potential one percent rebate that will go toward research and educational opportunities the Foundation has plans to work on over the next few years.

Since this incentive program relies heavily on membership participation, we encourage everyone to take part in this program. The more members that participate, the more opportunities NALF will have to not only improve the Foundation, but will be able to offer more services to the members. So get involved and start faxing in your receipts!

With this newly formed partnership with Pfizer Animal Health, you will begin to see Pfizer show up in more of our publications. For instance, starting with the Summer 2012 issue of the Bottom Line, Pfizer will be providing exclusive editorial for the commercial publication. This exclusive editorial will cover animal health related topics that producers will find insightful and educational when it comes to animal and herd health.

So as you get the chance, please start faxing in all of your receipts for Pfizer vaccines and animal health products. As stated earlier, the more members who get involved the more opportunities the Foundation will have to expand and offer new services to the membership. This is your chance to get involved!

If you have any questions or would like more information regarding the newly formed partnership with Pfizer Animal Health and this incentive program please do not hesitate to contact the NALF office.

Please fax all Pfizer Animal Health receipts to 303/220-1884.

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