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Around The World | February 2012

Thad Combs

Have you ever thought of yourself as a steward? A steward of your program, genetics or the beef industry as a whole?

We are all called to be good stewards. In my mind, that means doing the most with what we are managing, whether it be grassland, cropland, genetics, energy sources, marketing options, communication tools, or whatever the case may be. The list of what you manage will change with the advancement and development of new technologies.

For commercial producers reading this magazine and already experiencing the benefits of Limousin genetics in your herd, congratulations. Keep pushing the envelope to make them even better.

If you are not yet taking advantage of the Limousin opportunity, let me encourage you to consider the impact Limousin genetics can make to your overall stewardship. The Limousin breed fits into several of the above-listed categories though their efficient conversion of grass and/or grain to red meat.

As such, by making improvements with genetic efficiency in this manner, improved efficiencies in every other aspect can be realized as well. For example, if your cattle are more efficient, and eating less grass, grain and hay, you will spend less capital for fuel and equipment to transport the feedstuffs. They will also spend less time in the feedlot and consume less inputs. Plus, they will have less waste when put on the rail. When compared across an entire cowherd or pen of cattle on feed, those little improvements in each segment add up to BIG savings.

We all like savings. Savings leads to profit.

Think about how much additional efficiency and profit you might be able to glean from your program by implementing a specific breeding program that improves your Limousin genetics. Or perhaps you could incorporate new Limousin genetics into your genetic mix this year.

Utilizing Limousin genetics to achieve hybrid vigor will help accomplish profitability while heeding the command to be a good steward. Plus, it just makes good sense.

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