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Around The World | April 2012

Thad Combs

What a spring bull sale season it has been so far. If you have been watching sale averages and are aware of the general demand for bulls, you should be excited about the cattle business—especially the Limousin breed.

We have seen aggressive bidding and record-setting grosses and averages, with many programs having their best sales ever. This can be attributed to several things: an improved product, tremendous feeder/fed/salvage value on the hoof and on the rail, and tight supply to name a few.

Judging from the breeders I have talked to, and the number of calls received from buyers, I expect there won’t be enough good bulls to go around given the current demand. That said, a limited supply of quality bulls, as we draw closer to turnout time, will likely drive prices even higher.

One thing to keep in mind, as buyers are forced to pay more for their bulls is to ensure they are receiving ample value for their investment. It should be easier to sell bulls, and females for that matter, with the cattle market in general being as strong as it is currently. However, looking long-term, with a view toward encouraging customers’ repeat business, buyers need to see value in the purchases they make. Whether through strong customer service, value-added services, increased performance, or higher profitability, give them a reason to want more of your product in the future. Give them your very best.

I commend each of you who have put forth the effort to grow your customer base and sell more Limousin product. I congratulate those of you who have succeeded in having a tremendous spring sale season. I encourage you to continue the good work and to drag one or more of your fellow breeders along with you as you continue the quest. I challenge you to maintain quality and integrity while keeping the big picture in mind. And, as a final word, I thank you for doing your part to grow the Limousin breed by giving your very best.

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