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The View From Here | March 2012

Kyle Haley

I admit, most days I think the value of Facebook and Twitter can be held in Tiny Tim’s thimble. Call me ancient, old-fashioned or just plain dumb. I live with 10- and 14-year-old girls. I’m used to it.

However, the other day, an even bigger stick-in-the-mud than myself posted a photo from the 1975 National Western Stock Show. It was intended to be a fun, trivia kinda thing where you try to name the date, place and people in the photo. It was fun and it got a lot of comments, but more importantly, it got me to thinking.

Granted, I was three years old in 1975, so I obviously didn’t see this bull or any of the competition he stood against. He was however, the champion purebred sale bull that year and brought $27,000, so somebody must have liked him. But, judging from the picture, he wouldn’t bring 27 cents in today’s market.

I’m not bringing this up in an effort to disparage our predecessors, many of whom are still active. I bring it up as a reminder that as much as we long for the good ol’ days, sometimes the present is a much better place to be.

My memories of the good old days are just as fond as yours, but let’s face it, many of those memories are getting kinda blurry. Not to mention, when waxing nostalgic, it’s human nature to remember the good stuff and conveniently forget the negative.

Except of course if you are talking about a breed of cattle or the association that represents them. Then it seems the negative is all anyone can ever remember. Over the years I have spent my fair share of time trying to talk people out of the stereotype they have of the breed in their head or the mis-justice they feel the association did to them.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like the office phone is a red, complaint hotline, but as you can imagine, we do get the random call from time to time.

The thing I always tell them is times have changed. The breed has changed. Many of the people have changed. And in my opinion, more times than not, the changes have been for the better. Then I tell them if they aren’t using Limousin, they should give the breed another chance, or if they aren’t doing business with the association, they should think about giving it another go.

From a cattle standpoint there are fullblood, purebred and Lim-Flex cattle out there capable of getting the job done. You just have to choose wisely, depending upon your specific goals. It really is that simple.

And as far as the association goes, they offer more programs and services now than ever before, but that requires money and those funds come from the registration and transfer dollars of the members. It’s kind of unique if you think about it—the more the members put into the association, the more they can take back out in terms of the variety and quality of programs the association is able to provide its members.

But then again, what do I know? I predicted Facebook would never be more popular than MySpace.

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