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The View From Here | May 2012

Kyle Haley

What do Bovi-Shield, Dectomax, Draxxin, Scourguard, CattleMaster, CIDR, Synovex, LA-200 and MGA all have in common?

If you answered Pfizer products I will give it to you, but the real answer is “products you already use that could put money directly into NALF coffers.”

A more detailed explanation can be found on page 73 of this issue, but suffice is to say, the payout is definitely worth the couple of minutes it will take each NALF member to send their receipts to NALF.

The announcement about the Pfizer/NALF agreement was only one of a handful of interesting agenda items at the NALF board meeting April 3 and 4 in Denver, Colorado.

Another topic of conversation centered around DNA markers, genotyping and genomically-enhanced EPDs. Once again, the Limousin breed is at the forefront of this technology, and as such, has the potential to get a jump-start on most of the other beef breeds out there.

In cowboy terms, it’s simply another tool available to help you breed better cattle. Bob Weaber, Ph.D., is a lot smarter than me, so I encourage you to turn to page 68 of this issue for his explanation.

The board also spent some time sharing their thoughts on the new NALF national advertisements and brochures in the works. Each piece still needs a little fine tuning, but I’m confident the end products will be beneficial marketing tools. And please keep in mind, these promotional pieces will be available to individual breeders, co-op advertising programs and state associations.

It is key to remember the importance of a cohesive marketing effort, and it is worth mentioning that breeders and groups must shoulder some of the marketing efforts of this breed.

Several members of the current Emerging Leaders Academy also stuck around to take in some of the board meeting. That program has really taken off and is serving its intended purpose of helping identify individuals with the skills necessary to serve on NALF committees and most likely the national board some day.

Participation in the Emerging Leaders Academy is open to all NALF members who have a desire and willingness to become more involved in the future of the Limousin breed. Applications for the academy are available on the NALF website.

Applications for the 2012-2013 Academy are due in the NALF office by May 1, 2012. Due to limited class size it is important to submit applications as early as possible.

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