Around The World | August 2013

We are just wrapping things up in Missouri for the Reunion of the Decade—The National Junior Limousin Show & Congress—and the full results, pictures, and award winners will all be featured in the September issue. But, one of the things I can share with you from the events in Missouri will hopefully inspire you and warm your heart.

It’s no secret the National Junior Show is a gathering of the nation’s youth that have a liking, or a love, for the Limousin breed. They compete in many satellite events and exhibit their cattle. The friendships, experiences, and life skills that are formed and grown during this impressive event are, I think, even more rewarding than the achievements of winning or even competing.

One event that made me smile, and jump for joy at the same time, was when my daughter, Winnie, told me she had shared her faith with a friend during her time in Springfield, Missouri. Yes, we were at a cattle event doing cattle things, but we were also living life with others we care about. It was just another day in the life of a 9-year-old. However, what made me proud was that she took the opportunity to share without regard of rejection, reaction or reward. She shared because she cared. It is simply part of her core person.

In business, most people look at things through the reward lens—what has profit potential is what gets done. It’s human nature and the American way. But, maybe a lesson we can all apply in terms of growing our breed, business, family, or overall legacy is to do what is right without focusing on the reward. Or, maybe the reward is much greater than just what we perceive or see. Maybe the reward is a life-changing event for one person even where another would just see it as an everyday thing. Let’s face it—we may never know the impact we have during our lifetimes.

Ecclesiastes 2:24-26 says we should find satisfaction in our work, because it is a gift from God, and see to it that our work pleases him.

Thanks to all of you who put your time, energy and resources into our junior Limousin members and the youth of our nation. Let’s all work to impact lives and grow leaders, teaching them that the reward is in the journey and not the destination.

I hope you find fulfillment in your work and the Limousin breed.

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