NALF News | September 2011

‘Bringing It Together’ at Junior Nationals

Nearly 200 North American Limousin Junior Association (NALJA) members from 18 states took part in the “Bringing it Together” National Junior Limousin Show and Congress (NJLSC) in Amarillo, Texas. Read about the memorable event throughout this issue.

If you would like a DVD copy of the official highlights video for $40, e-mail Steady Shots Production, fujicowboy@yahoo.com. After you order, allow six weeks for delivery.

A special thank you to the many generous partners who made “Bringing it Together” possible. Through their support, 62 class winners, 19 division and grand champion winners, and three champion showmen were recognized. Through the satellite events 10 sweepstakes individuals, 11 teams and 80 individuals were recognized for their successes.

Mark your calendar for July 7-13, 2012, when the NJLSC will move into Des Moines, Iowa, for “Win the Jackpot.” For reservations at our headquarters hotel, the Sheraton West Des Moines, please call 515/457-2102. You can also make your reservation online at www.Starwoodmeeting.com/book/limousin.

Nominating Committee Seeks Input

NALF President Mike Smith, Kansas, has announced the 2011-2012 Nominating Committee:

• Chairman Bob Millerberg, Utah, past president;
• Bob Funk, Oklahoma, past president
• Wendell Geeslin, Colorado, past president;
• Bob Mitchell, Wisconsin, board member;
• Jack Glendenning, Missouri, board member;
• Ron Schilling, Kansas, member at-large;
• Trent Coleman, Montana, member at-large

The October issue of Limousin World will include the committee’s slate of nominees. The NALF office must receive signed letters of support for at-large nominees from at least 15 different founding, lifetime or active annual members by October 27. Identification of all nominees by then enables NALF to publicize their candidacies and include their names on the official ballot.

Entry Deadlines Loom for two Major MOE Shows

The Limousin shows at the American Royal in Kansas City, Missouri, will be October 27. Jeff Sargent of Denison, Texas, will sort the junior entries; and Scott Schaake of Manhattan, Kansas, will judge the open show. Entries are due September 10. Premium books and entry forms are available online at www.americanroyal.com.

The junior show at the North American International Livestock Exposition (NAILE) in Louisville, Kentucky, will be November 13, judges for the junior show have not been announced. The open show will be November 15 and Jack Ward of Kansas City, Missouri, will officiate. NAILE entries are due October 1.

Please note the junior show rules at both the American Royal and NAILE have changed. Purple papered Lim-Flex® will show with orange papered (75% Limousin or greater) Limousin heifers and cow-calf pairs.

For cattle to retain their Medal of Excellence (MOE) points, owners must submit their performance data to NALF by December 1.

AI Sires Must Be Proto-Tested, Parent-Verified

All bulls born after 2001 and semen-collected for artificial insemination (AI) must have a DNA type on file with NALF and be parent-verified via DNA.

For progeny to be eligible for the NALF herdbook, AI sires must have a genotype for protoporphyria (proto) on file. To prevent delays in recording AI offspring, bull owners should meet all parentage verification and proto-testing requirements before distributing any semen. Contact Mary Zilk in the NALF office if you have questions.

Carcass Data Always Needed

To remain competitive with other breeds, NALF must expand its carcass database. Harvest data from sire-identified animals with known birthdates play a vital role in providing high-quality genetic evaluations of carcass traits. Breeders should collect and submit actual carcass data whenever possible, and NALF will process it free of charge. For more information about reporting harvest data, contact the NALF office.

Update Cow Inventories

Keeping cow inventories up-to-date contributes valuable culling information to the NALF herdbook and minimizes the number of unwanted animals in search results. There are three easy ways to notify NALF.

• Update your cow inventories using the online tool on your member site. There is no need to return registration certificates to the NALF office if you use this method.

• If you report calving information on paper, you can request preprinted cow-inventory birth-report forms and use them to report your cow disposals when you report birth information by providing disposal codes in the “dam status” boxes for those cows that have died or been sold without transferring their registration papers.

• You can return the certificates for the animals that have died or been sold without papers to the NALF office with the designated disposal codes written on the fronts.

Prepare to Collect Weaning Data

Fall is an important time for gathering critical information. Weaning weights, docility scores and group data drive expected progeny differences (EPDs) for weaning weight, milking ability and docility and are required for adjusting ultrasound measurements. Plan ahead to determine the optimal weigh dates so the most calves possible are within important age limits for calculating adjusted weights and EPDs.

Weigh cows, too, and record their body condition scores to contribute to genetic evaluation of mature cow energy requirements. That promises to position the breed for more widespread industry recognition for its leading efficiency.

Your best calves and cows will look even better if all animals, not just the top end, routinely have data reported. Complete production information also facilitates more accurate breeding and marketing decisions.

Help Your Customers Help Themselves

As fall feeder-cattle marketing approaches, you can help your bull customers market Limousin-influenced calves through the Limousin Sale Barn. Go to the NALF home page, click the Sale Barn link, then follow the directions to list calves for sale. Whether consigning to an auction or selling by private treaty, the online classifieds are a free, easy way to help make sure every bidder possible competes for those calves.

Furthermore, using the Feeder Calf Classifieds puts your customers on the inside track for the special marketing opportunities NALF has arranged with the Strauss Free Raised® veal program, Laura’s Lean Beef Co. (LLB) and Meyer’s Natural.

Members Support Service Plan, Commercial Checkoff

Thanks to the loyal support of those who pay their member service fees NALF has expanded its member services. Those who participate in the annual plan may register animals at the lowest rates; enjoy free access to the secured, members-only portion of the NALF website; and activate complimentary subscriptions to the Bottom Line newsletter for their bull customers and themselves. 2011 brings a new benefit to the plan. See the Five Free flier enclosed with your member service fee notice and take advantage of free registrations or LIMS cow enrollments.

A separate, voluntary checkoff program generates additional resources for NALF’s commercial marketing. NALF bills a per registered head rate of $2 to checkoff enrolled members’ accounts. Enrollment is easy—just mark the space on your member service fee notice. You may change your checkoff-enrollment status at any time by contacting the NALF office.

Marketing Materials Available

Marketing should be a year-round activity to maximize sales, and NALF can help.

Limousin literature, including the latest Bottom Line commercial newsletter, is available upon request. Posters, print advertisements and promotional merchandise keep your name before customers throughout the year while increasing the frequency and consistency of the breed’s unified marketing message.

In stock and available now is the new black and white Limousin baseball cap for only $12. Call the NALF office or visit the “Promotional Merchandise” section of the website for more information.

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