NALF News | August 2011

Fall EPDs Available

The new expected progeny differences (EPDs) for the fall 2011 International Limousin Genetic Evaluation are now accessible through the North American Limousin Foundation (NALF) website. The fall evaluation includes Focus Dams, which are cows with outstanding reproductive performance and producing ability.

Heifer-Exposure Data Aids Pregnancy Evaluation

The heifer-retention reporting tool is available for Limousin Inventory Management System (LIMS) participants via the secured, members-only portion of the NALF website at http://online.nalf.org. LIMS participants have until August 15 to report heifer-exposure information.

The optional reporting will give NALF the data it needs for genetic evaluation of heifer pregnancy. Developing and implementing an EPD for that trait is a key element of the highest priority action item under Strategy 1 (Breed Improvement) in NALF’s strategic plan. Other breeds, including Angus and Red Angus, already publish such EPDs.

It also will help ensure active LIMS inventories accurately reflect incoming replacement heifers and will eliminate the need to report disposal codes for culled heifers later.

Change Passwords to Thwart Hackers

If you activated your secured, members-only portion of the NALF website more than a year ago, it is probably a good idea to change your password now. Changing online passwords every 12 months or so offers added protection against hackers.

The best passwords are combinations of letters, numbers and symbols that appear to be random strings of characters. Visit www.microsoft.com/protect/yourself on the web to check your password strength.

Using ‘Edata’ Address Ensures Timely Processing

When e-mailing data to NALF, use the edata@nalf.org address. Staff members check that account daily. Other NALF accounts can go unread when staff members are out of the office.

Online Sponsorships Offer Extended Marketing Reach

To provide continuous marketing opportunities for its members and their partners in allied industry, NALF offers Internet-based sponsorship programs.

Each issue of the semimonthly e-Partners e-newsletter includes three sponsor spots. They sell for $75 apiece on a “first-come, first-served” basis. For more information, contact Jonathan in the NALF office.

Two sponsor spots on the NALF website are available for three-month blocks, starting October 11, 2011. They are selling now via a “Country Auction” (similar to eBay) on DVAuction.com. The bidding closes August 15. For more information, contact Jonathan in the office.

Limousin is on Twitter, Facebook

NALF launched its social-media presence just over a year ago. Join NALF on Twitter and Facebook, and keep up-to-date on the happenings within the Limousin breed and the organization. NALF expects those online resources to be great complements to the newly renovated www.nalf.org website.

NALF tweets using the “@limousincattle” handle, and it has staked claims to the “#NALF,” “#Limi” and “#NALJA” hashtags. Visit http://twitter.com/limousincattle for more information or to join Twitter.

NALF’s Facebook page is available at www.facebook.com/northamericanlimousin or by searching the site for “North American Limousin Foundation.”

The North American Limousin Junior Association (NALJA) also has a Facebook page that you can find by searching the site for “North American Limousin Junior Association.”

Give Attention to Teat, Udder Scoring

As fall calving gets underway, NALF encourages its members to score their cows’ teat sizes and udder suspensions so the data can help guide future selection decisions.

The Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) has standardized guidelines for teat and udder scoring. The system requires a separate score for each, both on 9-point scales. Breeders should evaluate their cows within 24 hours after calving, and the NALF website includes illustrations to help determine scores.

NALF plans to use udder and teat scores in genetic evaluation once it collects a sufficient number of records.

Board Meeting Scheduled for This Month

The NALF board of directors has scheduled its next meeting for August 24-25 in Denver, Colorado. The primary focus will be fiscal year (FY) 2011–2012 budget. Contact Mark Anderson in the NALF office or a board member to provide input about any breed issues.

Nominating Committee Named

NALF President Mike Smith, Kansas, has announced the 2011–2012 nominating committee:

• Chairman Bob Millerberg, Utah, past president;
• Wendell Geeslin, Colorado, past president;
• Bob Funk, Oklahoma, past president;
• Jack Glendenning, Missouri, Board member;
• Bob Mitchell, Wisconsin, Board member;
• Ron Schilling, Kansas, at-large member; and
• Trent Coleman, Montana, at-large member.

All prospective candidates must express their interest to the nominating committee by August 15. The October issue of Limousin World will include the committee’s slate of nominees. If the committee does not slate interested persons, supporters then may add their at-large candidates’ names to the ballot by sending letters of support from at least 15 different founding, lifetime or active annual members or the signature form to the NALF office by October 15. Identification of all nominees by then enables NALF to publicize their candidacies and include their names on the official ballot.

Visit the ‘Contact NALF’ section on the organization’s website at www.nalf.org for more information.

Major Exhibitions Approach

The Limousin shows at the American Royal in Kansas City, Missouri, will be October 27. Jeff Sargent of Denison, Texas, will sort the junior entries; and Scott Schaake of Manhattan, Kansas, will judge the open show. Entries are due September 10.

The junior show at the North American International Livestock Exposition (NAILE) in Louisville, Kentucky, will be November 13, with the judge to be named later. The open show will be November 15 and Jack Ward of Kansas City, Missouri, will be the judge. NAILE entries are due October 1.

Be advised that major changes are coming to the Limousin schedule of events at the National Western Stock Show (NWSS). Watch for updates in this column and the e-Partners e-newsletter between now and the end of the year.

Member Service Fee, Voluntary Checkoff Support Breed Functions

Thanks to those who pay their member service fees, NALF is able to provide effective programs, services and events for Limousin breeders and commercial cattle producers.

Those who participate in the annual plan may register animals at half the inactive-member rates; enjoy free access to the secured, members-only portion of the NALF website; and activate complimentary subscriptions to the Bottom Line newsletter for their bull customers and themselves.

To generate additional resources for commercial marketing, NALF has a voluntary checkoff. It automatically bills $2 per head at registration to participating members’ accounts. Enrollment is easy—just mark the space on your member service fee notice.

Consistency Helps When Referring to Hybrid

The name Lim-Flex® is a registered trademark that NALF owns. Members may use the name in referring to qualified animals or the hybrid program in general. When you do so, be sure to include the hyphen and capitalize the F. You also should follow the name with the registered sign (®) the first time you use it in an advertisement, article, brochure, webpage or such.

Special Feeder-Calf Sales in the Works

NALF is organizing special Limousin-influenced feeder-calf sales for this fall. By coordinating with auction markets, NALF helps producers maximize returns for their calves by attracting feeders interested in Limousin genetics. The effort is part of the Limousin breed’s commitment to the commercial sector.

For more information or if you would like help organizing a special feeder-calf sale in your area, contact Joe Epperly in the NALF office.

NALF Needs Current Addresses

To ensure you receive paperwork and other correspondence in a timely fashion, you might want to confirm your current mailing address, phone number and e-mail address with the NALF office. Provide your member number or herd prefix, including any others for family members or partnerships.

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