NALF News | June/July 2013

NALF Board of Directors to Meet in August

The next board meeting will be in August, where the fiscal year 2012–2013 budget will be the main topic of discussion. As always, the NALF Board of Directors encourages all NALF members to suggest agenda items or share thoughts and opinions about current issues facing the breed. See the board directory at left or in the “Contact NALF” section of the website.

Changes at Scidera/GeneSeek

As part of the transition by Neogen Inc., the parent company of both Scidera Inc. and GeneSeek Inc., Scidera has transitioned out of the cattle genomic testing. All samples and genotypes stored at Scidera are in the process of being moved to the GeneSeek laboratory in Lincoln, Nebraska. Those who have been using Scidera as their genomic service provider will see no lag in their work as it has already been transitioned to GeneSeek. Customers will now be using the GeneSeek price structure for their testing.

Denver to Host NCBA Summer Conference

NALF encourages its members to participate in the Cattle Industry Summer Conference, August 7-10, in Denver. You do not have to be a National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) member to participate. If you have questions or would like additional information about the conference or NCBA membership, call 303/694-0305.

NALF Board of Directors Nomination & At-Large Information

In an effort to make the NALF Board of Directors nomination and at-large process easier to understand, there is helpful information located on the NALF website under the “Contact NALF” section. For additional information, please contact the NALF office.

Paperwork Takes Time

Sellers usually submit transfer paperwork for sale cattle after buyers settle their accounts, which typically take a month after the sale date. If you need to receive registration papers for specific animals sooner than that, please notify the sale managers so they can expedite those transfers.

Transfers are quicker and easier with the online tool in the secured, members-only portion of the NALF website. Find the “Transfer an Animal” link under the “My Herd” tab on your member site.

If you need registration papers for a show, call the NALF office at least one week beforehand so staff members can assist you. Do not wait longer than that because they usually need at least three business days to get a new paper to you.

Online Sponsorships Offer Extended Marketing Reach

To provide continuous marketing opportunities for its members and their partners in allied industry, NALF offers internet-based sponsorship programs. These online marketing opportunities include:

• Website Banners
• e-Blast Advertisements
• Banner sponsorship in bi-monthly e-Partners newsletter

For more information, contact the NALF office.

Help NALF Meet Our 2013 Goal With Zoetis

NALF came up short on its goal for 2012; help us to not let that happen in 2013. We would like to thank the members that submitted their receipts—it was greatly appreciated.

In order for us to meet our yearly goal and for our incentive program with Zoetis (formerly Pfizer Animal Health) to be successful, it will need to be a group effort from the membership, NALF staff and Zoetis. If we all work together this will be a great benefit for not only NALF, but the membership as a whole. If you have not sent us your receipts please do this now.

For more information about the Zoetis incentive program please contact Kaye Weaber in the NALF office.

Fax, e-mail or mail in copies of your Zoetis receipts to:

ATTN: Kaye Weaber
Fax: 303.220.1884
e-mail: kaye@nalf.org
Mail: 6 Inverness Court East, Suite 260
Englewood, CO 80112-5595

Collecting Heifer Data Is High Priority

The heifer-retention reporting tool is available for Limousin Inventory Management System (LIMS) participants via the secured, members-only portion of the NALF website (http://online.nalf. org). LIMS participants have until July 15 to report heifer-exposure information.

The optional reporting will help ensure active LIMS inventories accurately reflect incoming replacement heifers and eliminate the need to report disposal codes for culled heifers later.

It also gives NALF the data it needs for genetic evaluation of heifer pregnancy. Developing and implementing an expected progeny difference (EPD) for that trait is a key element of the highest priority action item under Strategy 1 (Breed Improvement) in NALF’s strategic plan.

NALF Nominating Committee Selected

NALF President Bob Mitchell of Wisconsin, has announced the 2013–2014 nominating committee:

• Mike Smith, Kansas, Chairman
• Bob Millerberg, Utah
• Gordon Schuppe, Colorado
• Jack Glendenning, Missouri
• Mike Hall, California
• Jerry Wulf, Minnesota
• Tom Vaughn, North Dakota

Upcoming Events

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