NALF Report | June/July 2013

The NALF Board of Directors held their spring meeting in Denver this past April. Many items were discussed and it is important these items be noted to the membership. Given issues such as recent defect policies and the resulting impact on the registry software; minor changes in those defect policies; updates to the national advertising campaign; the election process; along with additional programs and acquisitions NALF is looking into, I wanted to inform the membership of the board of director’s actions.

The election process for directors on the board at NALF was discussed thoroughly. After much review and analysis, it was decided NALF should better inform the membership of the nomination and election process so that members interested in serving on the board of directors better understand how the process works.

The nominating committee is put together each May by the current President. The names of those selected to sit on the nominating committee are published in the June/July issue of Limousin World (see page 47). If a member has an interest in serving on the board they have until August 15 to contact the nominating committee and express their interest to serve.

Prospective candidates should express their interest by August 15 each year, and if the committee does not slate those interested persons, supporters may then add their candidates’ names to the ballot via the at-large nomination process. To qualify as an at-large candidate, members must have at least 15 qualifying signatures from lifetime, founding or active annual members on either the petition style form available on the NALF website; or 15 letters of support from lifetime, founding or active annual members; or a combination thereof. All letters are to be received in the NALF office no later than October 15.

Given the ability for members to be nominated to the board of directors through the nomination process via the nominating committee, in addition to the at-large process, whereas members can be included on the general election ballot at the Annual Meeting held in January in conjunction with the National Western Stock Show, the board decided to leave the current election process in place giving interested members two ways to get their name included on the ballot.

The list of the nominating committee members can be found on page 47 of this issue. Please contact these members if you are interested in being considered for the NALF Board of Directors.
The enrollment dates for LIMS have been confusing for some members. For spring-calving cows it is important to remember the date for enrollment is February 15. The deadline for enrollment for fall-calving cows is July 15.

These deadlines have caused confusion in the past for the membership. After a member receives their billing summary from the NALF office they should contact Brittany Barrick within 30 days if any corrections need to be made. NALF publishes these deadlines in Limousin World and also incorporates a reminder in the e-Partners newsletter that is distributed to members bi-monthly.

Also at the meeting, the board recognized the need to improve the online registration of Lim-Flex®. In an effort to ease online registries, the board decided to designate all purebred and percentage cattle (NP and NX) that are not identified descendants of carrier animals as free of AM, CA, NH and OS. In addition, in a separate motion, NALF will allow defect (AM, CA, NH and OS) carrier females born after January 1, 2012, to be embryo transplant dams. All calves out of these dams must be tested according to the genetic defect rules prior to registration. The process of tracking the defects within the registry system has caused problems with the ability to register Lim-Flex cattle online. Until the problem is fixed with the registry system, please call Stephanie Kramer-Beddo in the NALF office to register your Lim-Flex cattle through the office.

The board of directors was updated on the national advertising campaign that was approved in August. Publications are being utilized on a regional basis that cover a majority of the nation, along with a large presence on video auction services such as Superior Livestock Marketing through the spring, summer and fall. States are encouraged to take advantage of state cooperative advertising dollars to further advertise and promote Limousin cattle. If you have questions about using your state cooperative allotment, please contact the NALF office.

The Zoetis program (formerly known as Pfizer Animal Health), is a valuable partnership to NALF. Zoetis advertises with NALF throughout the year in the commercial publication, Bottom Line, on the NALF website and they also utilize the electronic forms of communication that NALF distributes monthly. Additional incentives are available for NALF on our Zoetis incentive program. Please continue to send your receipts to Kaye Weaber in an effort to reach our goal for the year.

NALF is also grateful to have the folks at PNC, NALF’s investment firm, sponsoring our Medal of Excellence (MOE) program for the upcoming year. Support these folks when you have the opportunity and tell them thank you.

The NALF staff was excited to be part of the National Junior Limousin Show and Congress and All-American Futurity in Springfield, Missouri, June 29-July 5. We are grateful to the Missouri Limousin Breeders Association for hosting this year’s event.

We hope you have a profitable summer and are encouraged by the recent changes in the weather with many states receiving more moisture this spring compared to the previous two years. The next five years will be an opportunity for Limousin breeders to grow their breed and make a substantial contribution to the United States cattle industry.

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