Around The World | May 2013

Recently, while listening to K-Love, a listener-funded Christian radio station, during their annual fund-raising campaign, they told the story of a 9-year-old in North Carolina who wanted to give all she had, $2.33. It was her entire savings. She waited by the radio with pen and paper to write down the number so she could call in her gift. She was determined to give her best, with or without the help of her family. When combined with many others, the ultimate goal was achieved. I find that to be an inspirational story, reminiscent of when Jesus tells of a poor widow giving all she had in Mark 12:41-44 and Luke 21:1-4.

Over the next several months there will be many opportunities for each of us to give our very best. The summer show season kicks off with field days, followed by county
and state fairs, and of course regional Limousin shows and Junior Nationals.

At these events we can assist junior exhibitors with our time, knowledge, or a helping hand. There will likely be benefit and premium auctions that will aid the juniors in their projects and their associations.

From a genetic standpoint, evaluate if you are giving your best to your program, the breed and industry. Are you recording and submitting complete performance data, in contemporary groups, so your herd gets full credit for its performance as reflected through accurate EPDs? Are you promoting the breed and beef industry in your local community. Are you contributing to your state associations and groups like Limi Boosters, NALJA and NCBA? What about dropping notes of encouragement or thanks? Simple, positive actions can have dramatic impacts.

From a presentation standpoint, do you have your cattle looking their very best? Do you have an attractive and legible farm sign, accessible website, distinctive branding on your clothing, vehicle and trailer? When you present your best, people notice.

The Limousin World crew is in the process of giving our very best as we approach the May 15 deadline for the June/July Herd Reference Issue. Thank you to those who have already submitted your promotion. If you have not, please call us so we can help you achieve your promotional goals.

Whatever you do, be dedicated to giving your very best.

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