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MOE Petitions, Judge Nominations Due in June

State and regional Limousin associations can petition NALF for permission to host a Medal of Excellence (MOE) show. Petition forms, updated rules and judges lists are available on the website. If there is a local or state show you would like counted for MOE points, please submit the petition form by June 15. Be sure the show utilizes the updated 2013 rules.

Active annual and lifetime members can submit nominations for the approved-judges list until June 30. Mail, fax or e-mail them to the NALF office. Provide your member number or herd prefix and the nominee’s address and phone number.

Find Rules, Entry Forms and the Latest News in NALJA News

By now all NALJA members should have received the Summer 2013 edition of NALJA News. NALJA News includes important rules and entry information for this summer’s national and regional junior Limousin shows. If you need a copy of the Summer 2013 NALJA News, one can be printed from the “Junior” section of the NALF website or call the NALF office and request one be mailed to you. Read all of the rules and schedules thoroughly because there have been changes, and carefully note the entry deadlines.

Don’t Wait to Get Papers

If you need registration papers for a show, call the NALF office at least one week beforehand so staff members can make the necessary arrangements.

Remember ET Requirements

Breeders must sire verify donor dams via DNA before embryo-transfer (ET) calves can be parent verified and registered. When completing the form to register ET calves, you must include the DNA case numbers for the sire and dam. You can find those on the NALF website using the pedigree and EPD lookup, or contact the NALF office.

Recipient-cow information is required for ET calves to qualify to be in contemporary groups. A recipient’s identification (ID), breed codes and birth year must be on the ET application for registration. Flush dates and transfer dates must be supplied and don’t forget to have embryo transfers if you are not the owner of the donor cow.

Plan Ahead for Successful Contemporary Groupings

A contemporary group includes calves of the same sex and percentage-blood category—born within 90 days of one another—which you managed together. Designate birth, weaning and yearling management codes when submitting performance data so NALF can form accurate contemporary groups that will contribute to reliable EPDs.

Weigh and evaluate all calves in a weaning group on the same day, when the youngest calf is at least 160 days old and the oldest calf is not older than 250 days. Take yearling weights and other yearling information at least 140 days after weaning and when the animals are between 330 and 450 days of age.

Find more tips in the “Successful Performance Program” section of the Sire Summary, which is in the “Genetic Evaluation” section of the NALF website.

Breed Improvement Depends on Measurement

Use NALF’s online recording tools for free and preprinted forms for timely reporting of birth, weaning and yearling data. Take the time to enter this spring’s yearling data; and include all heifers (not just those selected for replacements), yearling bulls and steers.

Commercial cattle producers want information about breed composition; color; polled status; EPDs, including accuracies, percentile rankings and breed averages; birth, weaning and yearling weights; frame scores; scrotal circumferences; carcass and ultrasound data with ratios; and feeding-test results. Reporting data to NALF helps your organization help you meet customer expectations.

The deadline to submit data for the next International Limousin Genetic Evaluation is June 15.

Transfers Facilitate Commercial Programs

Transfers are the lifeblood of NALF’s commercial programs. They provide NALF with contact information so it can keep breed information in front of Limousin users throughout the year. Several marketing options, including the Strauss Free Raised® Veal and Laura’s Lean Beef (LLB) programs, depend upon properly transferred bulls. Submit your transfers in a timely fashion so NALF can add value to your seedstock sales.

When transferring animals, be sure to include the buyers’ full names and addresses. Complete information guarantees your customers receive breed information and ensures NALF can process the transfers correctly.

Herds Continue to Join LIMS

Active North American Limousin Foundation (NALF) members may conduct business using the web-based Limousin Inventory Management System (LIMS). Participants pay an annual fee of $15 per active cow and, in turn, can record, register and transfer her calf for that birth year. That is a $12 per calf savings compared to the least expensive registration and transfer fees.

LIMS participants are the only members who are Certified Performance Herds. LIMS participants contribute more complete and comprehensive production information that leads to improved expected progeny differences (EPDs).

To enroll for fall 2013, call the NALF office before the July 15 deadline.

Oklahoma City to Host 2013 BIF Convention

The Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) annual meeting is North America’s leading forum for discussing genetic evaluation and improvement, and NALF encourages its members to attend. This year’s event will be in Oklahoma City June 12-15. Visit www.beefimprovement.org/convention.html for information regarding registration and the program.

Help NALF Meet Our 2013 Goal

NALF came up short on our goal for 2012; help us to not let that happen in 2013. We would like to thank those members who sent us their receipts, it was greatly appreciated.

In order for us to meet our yearly goal and for our incentive program with Zoetis (formerly Pfizer Animal Health) to be successful, it will need to be a group effort from the membership, NALF staff and Zoetis. If we all work together this will be a great benefit for not only NALF, but also the membership. If you have not sent us your receipts please do this now.

For more information about the Zoetis incentive program, contact Brooke Bennett in the NALF office.

For a full list of Zoetis products visit the NALF website.

Please fax, e-mail or mail in copies of your Zoetis receipts to:

ATTN: Brooke Bennett
Fax: 303.220.1884
e-mail: brooke@nalf.org
Mail: 6 Inverness Court East, Suite 260
Englewood, CO 80112-5595

Attention NALJA Members: Big Deadlines Loom May 15

All North American Limousin Junior Association (NALJA) members 17 years or older may apply for the board of directors if they will not turn 23 during the two-year term.

Active members entering their freshman or sophomore years at a four-year academic institution and majoring in an animal science or a closely related field may apply for the prestigious $500 Leonard and Vi Wulf Scholarship.

New in 2013 is the Ron and Carolyn Holland Scholarship. This $2,000 scholarship opportunity will be offered to NALJA members from 2013-2017 and will be awarded to a high school senior that will be pursuing a degree in an agriculture related field. This scholarship will be paid to the recipient over a four-year period.

Hands-on experience with Limousin cattle, proven excellence and leadership, and effective goal setting could earn $750 Awards of Excellence for up to three NALJA members. Applicants must have been 19 to 21 years old January 1, 2013, and be in good standing with NALJA. Applicants must be active in a segment of the beef industry or enrolled in an agriculture program in college. Previous recipients may not reapply.

The “Junior” section of the NALF website offers all three applications and more information about each one, or contact the NALF office.


Milam Joins Board of Directors

Chris Milam of Olmstead, Kentucky, was appointed by President Bob Mitchell to fill the vacant position on the NALF board of directors. Milam and his family own and operate Milam Cattle Co.

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