Around The World | April 2013

Well folks, that’s exactly how it’s been. The buyers sitting on seats are willing to pay a big premium for our ‘good’ cattle and bid on them like they are never going to make another one. Conversely, once the top half of the offering has been sold, the bull buyers are being as discriminatory as ever. I think there are many factors contributing to this pattern such as low national cowherd numbers, drought condition in parts of the country and high feed costs.

I would venture to guess a combination of these factors are the reasons we are seeing a much stronger than normal demand for the top-enders and cautious buying patterns on the middle and bottom-enders. With all of that in mind, it emphasizes the beef industry’s call for exceptionally ‘good’ cattle that are efficient.

The good news is the spring breeding season is right around the corner and everyone is in a position to positively impact their bottom line by making sound breeding decisions. Don’t just focus on raising the next great one, spend some time working to improve the bottom half of your cattle.

I trust you’ve noticed the many quality A.I. sires promoted throughout this issue. I am certain some of those sires fit your eye and could improve your product. I urge you to study the sale reports closely, and let them help you identify what genetics and what type of cattle are truly selling well.

In closing, it’s essential to stay market aware, especially when you’re making breeding decisions, in order to stay ahead of the curve. If you have any questions about sires, future marketing or anything Limousin related, feel free to drop me a call. See you down the road soon.

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