The View From Here | April 2013

Welcome to the 2013 April Herd Sire edition. As much as I appreciate top-of-the-line Limousin females, there is no denying the top side of the pedigree is often where profits are made or lost. Whether you are talking about herd bulls walking the pastures or AI sires sitting in the tank, the producers who have the ability to selectively mate their existing cowherd to the almost endless list of sires, are in my opinion, true craftsmen.

I am convinced some people are born with that skill, while others of us must study and work very hard at what “the pros” make look so easy. At any rate, there is no underestimating the value of having the appropriate sire power for your individual situation.

Between myself, Kiley and Thad, there is no telling how many times we get asked the question, “So what bull should I breed to?”

Of course there is nothing wrong with asking around and gathering a variety of opinions before making decisions as important as which sires to use this breeding season. As a matter of fact, as far as I’m concerned, it’s good business. But the truth is, nobody knows your cowherd, their production history and your customers better than you do.

By now, I hope you have already put considerable thought into the upcoming breeding season. Now that your fall calves are weaned and your spring babies are up and going, you should have a solid feel for how your last two breeding seasons went. I’m certain some of you are as pleased as punch and anxiously awaiting the opportunity to market the fruits of your labor, while others of you are wishing for a “redo,” at least on a mating or two.

As you put the finishing touches on your spring breeding plans, I thought it might be helpful to run a list of the top sires thus far in NALF Fiscal Year 2012-13 in terms of registrations. There is a healthy number of proven sires, as well as some new kids on the block on the list. But don’t stop with this list. I encourage you to study the rest of the bulls featured in this issue. Within these pages are many sires capable of taking your program to the next level.

1-AHCC WestWind W544
2-DHVO Deuce 132R
3-RUNL Stetson 850S
4-Wulfs Warbonnet 6254W
5-SYES User Friendly 524U
6-Wulfs Urban Cowboy 2149U
7-CALO Brickyard 902W
8-MAGS Wazowski
9-AUTO Dollar General 122R
10-KAJO Responder 120R
11-Wulfs Xtractor X233X
12-CJSL Wild West 9060W
12-JCL Lodestar 27L
13-COLE Windfall 144W
13-MAGS Unheard Of
13-CHTT Work Time 4925W
14-Wulfs Titus 2149T
15-HUNT Mr Jock 44J
15-Coleman Production 608
16-LH Rodemaster 338R
16-DHVO Trey 133R
17-MAGS Winston
18-Wulfs US Army General 5093
19-COLE 17W
19-Connealy Thunder
20-Richmond Xander SRD 22X

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