NALF Report | January 2014

The National Western Stock Show and annual events of the North American Limousin Foundation are nearly upon us. We are excited for this year’s events, including the annual meeting, membership banquet, Genetics On Ice Auction and National Limousin Sale. Membership participation at these functions is critical and valued, as the Limousin breed works to expand its influence. As a staff, we wish to thank you for your support and membership to the Foundation.

The beginning of the New Year will see some changes for the breed. The process of parentage verification will change for all calves born after January 1, 2014, with the change to the SNP parentage verification process. Scidera is no longer available to Limousin breeders for DNA testing and parent verification via the process of microsatellite parentage verification. With Igenity’s recent purchase and subsequent closure of the lab in California, all DNA must be processed in the NALF office and then sent to GeneSeek in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Other noticeable changes will be apparent in 2014. During the summer of 2013, the show committee, which consists of exhibitors, members and board members, brought forth the recommendation to combine the Purebred and Lim-Flex Level I MOE shows. This action was not taken lightly and concerns were debated by both the show committee and NALF board. The recommendation was passed unanimously by the board and show committee after much discussion. This change is for the “Open” Level I MOE shows, (not the junior shows) starting with the Southeast Summer Classic in June of 2014, which will now be a Level I MOE show.

One of the primary reasons they have decided to combine the shows was due to our lack of total entries at Louisville, Kansas City and Fort Worth. The board approved this action for three major reasons.

Combining purebred and Lim-Flex will help increase our numbers at the shows allowing us to stay off probation at these events.

Both the board and the show committee feel it will help the perception of our shows by those outside the breed in an effort to attract more people into the Limousin business. The number of small classes and single entry classes is a concern to both the board and the show committee.

Given the success of the All-American Futurity the past two years by combining the show, the board feels strongly that, from a marketing standpoint for both Limousin and Lim-Flex cattle, the time for the change is apparent given the lack of entries at these shows along with the high quality of cattle being exhibited by both sectors of our breed.

The Board realizes this is a big change for our breeders and exhibitors, but also feels this is the best for the long term as we try to expand and grow the breed over the next five years. These rule changes do not take effect until June of 2014. This year’s shows at Denver and Fort Worth will remain the same. Again, these rule changes do not apply to the junior shows, just the open shows after June of 2014, which basically mirrors what we have for rules in our Level II shows across the country.

The pen and carload shows at the NWSS will not be changed due to the number of entries Limousin generates. Limousin has always had one of the biggest carload and pen shows in Denver, and we will look to maintain our presence and entry levels at the annual event. The board also has no intent of consolidating the junior show. After going through the process which was brought forth and debated by the show committee and board, the board felt it was time to make the change given the current environment we are operating in.

NALF will once again have a booth at the 2014 Cattle Industry Convention and Trade Show in Nashville, Tennessee. NALF will be using this opportunity to promote the use of Limousin genetics in both seedstock and commercial cow-calf operations. We will also be displaying live cattle in the booth. If you would like further information or wish to be involved in the booth, contact Joe Epperly at the NALF office. The NCBA convention is widely attended by both commercial cattlemen and seedstock operators.

Once again, the NALF staff and board would like to thank each and every one of you for your support and dedication to the breed. Have a great time at the National Western Stock Show and annual meeting. We are looking forward to the New Year and having the opportunity to work for you. Have a happy and profitable New Year, and feel free to contact your staff any time!

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