NALF Line | January 2013

The beginning of a new year is upon us, and with that brings the excitement of the National Western Stock Show held annually in Denver, Colorado. [view full text…]

NALF Line | February 2013

It’s that time of year again, spring sale season. The time when producers heavily advertise in an effort to market their stock to not only previous customers, but hoping to attract new ones.

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Around The World | February 2013

It’s official. We’re at the beginning of the spring bull sale season run.

[view full text…]

Around The World | January 2013

Recently I took my children to a “Fun Center” for an afternoon of goofing, playing and just plain old fun. It got a bit out of hand at times, but generally it was good for them—and me—to unwind a little.

Typically, families unwind by getting away for a vacation or trip. They leave it all behind and relax. It might be going to Disney, snow skiing, a cruise, visiting a foreign country or even the National Junior show. My wife emphatically claims National Junior shows are not vacations, because they involve so much hard work and very little “down time”—I’ll let you decide that with your own family. We have even had friends take a “stay-cation” where they take off work and do “nothing” at home for a week.

The point is, we all need some time away—a break if you will. Vacations help us return to the business of life more enthusiastic, energized, rested and focused. They make us more productive. Simply put, we are just plain better after a break. It works in sports, business and in life. Some even suggest following a ratio of 6:1 in resting, a principle originating in the celebration of the Sabbath.

With that in mind, I encourage all of our readership—breeders or not—to take a break from your typical calendar full of “to do’s” and rest. Perhaps you could attend the National Western Stock Show, January 12-17 in Denver, Colorado. There will be tons to do for children of all ages: two impressive Limousin auctions; numerous cattle shows; pen and carload bull shows; thousands of the best livestock on display from all across North America; and many interesting people to meet and visit with.

You are guaranteed to pick up some new ideas, make some productive networking connections, get fired up about the Limousin breed, or just keep Uncle Sam from getting his hands on a few hundred of you hard-earned dollars. I think you will return more focused and energized about your own breeding program and the opportunities in the agriculture and beef industries.

Heck, even Jesus told his disciples to go on a vacation in Mark 6:31.

I hope to see you “Taking A Break” in Denver.

Around The World | December 2012

Thru my travels and visits with breeders across the country, the majority of the conversation is about product improvement, EPDs, genomics and a wide variety of breed-related topics. [view full text…]

NALF Line | December 2012

Genetic defects affect all types of livestock. Spider syndrome in sheep and stress syndrome in swine have had significant economic impacts on those populations in the last few decades. [view full text…]

NALF Report | February 2013

By the time you read this the spring bull sale season will be cranking up. Many breeders are planning their production sales and contacting their potential customer base. [view full text…]

NALF Report | January 2013

By the time you read this the National Western Stock Show will be here. We are excited for this year’s show and expect a large turnout. [view full text…]

NALF Report | December 2012

Crossbreeding has been shown by numerous research studies to enhance advantages in growth, longevity and maternal efficiency over straightbred cattle due to heterosis and has been popular among commercial cattlemen since the 1960s. [view full text…]

NALF News | February 2013

Spring EPDs Available

[view full text…]

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