NALF Line | June/July 2012

As we transition out of spring and into summer, most of you have moved out of marketing mode and into breeding season. Creating new mating combinations is probably my favorite part of being in the seedstock business. In order to make informed mating decisions, you have to first evaluate the demands of your customer, the commercial cow-calf producer and even his customers, the feeder and packer. With that in mind, NALF compiled results from spring Limousin bull sales and analyzed what buyers have paid for.

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Around The World | June/July 2012

It is the middle of the summer, chaos is everywhere, and no one has time for anything. The summer cattle shows are in full swing, haying is at peak speed—many places on their second or third cutting. Families are vacationing. Most breeders are in the middle or end of synchronization and AI’ing.

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NALF Report | June/July 2012

Traveling across the country the last couple of months attending bull sales has been an enjoyable experience for me. The quality of cattle offered has been outstanding while prices continue to remain strong. The robust cattle market throughout the nation has translated into strong demand from both seedstock and commercial operations looking to rebuild their herds after last year’s adverse weather conditions, especially in the Southern U.S.

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The View From Here | June/July 2012

Momentum is a funny thing.

As difficult as getting it started can be, stopping it can be darn
near impossible.

A case in point is the NBA franchise that moved to Oklahoma City a couple of years ago. Long story short, every year they have improved, to the point they are in the NBA finals this year.

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NALF News | June/July 2012

NALF Partners With Pfizer Animal Health On Incentive Program

NALF and Pfizer Animal Health formed and incentive partnership that began April 1 and will run through December 2014. This program has the potential to open numerous doors for the Foundation and will allow for new opportunities. The incentive program is a group effort between the membership, NALF staff and Pfizer Animal Health. If we all work together, this can be a great benefit for not only NALF, but the membership as a whole.

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