NALF Line | April 2012

Cattle producers are constantly looking for new ways to add value to their calf crop and top the market. In order for this to take place, the needs of your customers, backgrounders and feeders must be met. These customers are becoming more particular about the cattle they purchase due to the extra capital needed in today’s cattle market and tight margins due to high feed costs. It is important to understand the aspects that affect backgrounder and feedlot profit. Cost of gain (i.e. performance) and health are the two major factors affecting the feeder’s bottom line. The following are sections of production that can be focused on at the producer level to increase the chances for feeder profitability and yours:

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Around The World | April 2012

What a spring bull sale season it has been so far. If you have been watching sale averages and are aware of the general demand for bulls, you should be excited about the cattle business—especially the Limousin breed.

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NALF Report | April 2012

High feed cost, whether it be concentrates or roughages, throughout the United States have been a paramount concern to most beef producers the past five years. Feed efficiency and its importance relative to profitability in both the cow-calf phase and feedlot industry are of high priority to most producers when evaluating breakevens and net returns. Limousin cattle have the ability to accomplish this at both levels of the production chain. Limousin are being used more frequently in commercial operations that require cattle to be easy keepers with lower feed intake requirements at the cow-calf level. Feedyards are beginning to integrate hybrid Lim-Flex® cattle into programs looking for higher average daily gains with lower dry matter conversions that result in lower cost of gains.

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The View From Here | April 2012

Check out this news release I ran across the other day.

Scientists in the Netherlands say they hope to produce the first laboratory-grown hamburger by fall, according to news reports out of a conference in Canada.

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