NALF Line | February 2012

We are now in what might be my favorite season of the year, bull sale season. It is the time of year when marketing comes to the forefront of breeder’s minds and where their breeding program and hard work pays off.

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Around The World | February 2012

Have you ever thought of yourself as a steward? A steward of your program, genetics or the beef industry as a whole?

We are all called to be good stewards. In my mind, that means doing the most with what we are managing, whether it be grassland, cropland, genetics, energy sources, marketing options, communication tools, or whatever the case may be. The list of what you manage will change with the advancement and development of new technologies.

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NALF Report | February 2012

The spring bull sale season is upon us, and many breeders are busy planning their production sales. Most of you realize that customer service is paramount to a potential bull buyer, so don’t forget to remind buyers that NALF offers various services to them. Whether they are seedstock producers or commercial buyers, NALF can assist with the marketing of their cattle.

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The View From Here | February 2012

Not counting politics and religion, the only subject I refuse to debate is your preferred method of putting females back into the herd.

The debate of raising versus buying replacements is as old as the cattle business itself. Some swear by raising their own, citing generations of known production history; while others point out that from a dollars and cents standpoint, economics dictate you buy them.

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NALF News | February 2012

LIMS Improves Genetics

Herds enrolled in the voluntary Limousin Inventory Management System (LIMS) commit to annual reporting of complete calving and culling data. By submitting such comprehensive production information, they contribute to inventory-proven genetics with more accurate EPDs. [view full text…]

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