NALF Line | January 2012

Crossbreeding has been shown by numerous research studies to enhance advantages in growth, longevity and maternal efficiency over straightbred cattle due to the effect of heterosis, and has been popular among commercial cattlemen since the 1960s.

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Around The World | January 2012

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas, took some time to be with the family, is recharged and ready to dive into 2012.

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NALF Report | January 2012

“Adapt to change to stay in business.” How often have we heard it? Yet, most would like to believe it applies to everybody else’s business rather than their own endeavors.

While in Amarillo this summer at the National Junior Show, the “35 Years of Champions” poster caught my attention. The poster featured a picture of each National Champion Junior Limousin heifer over the last 35 years. The change it represented regarding the kind of cattle you are making in this breed really hit home.

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The View From Here | January 2012

There is nothing better than a real-life example to teach a valuable lesson.

One of the lessons I am continually trying to teach my girls is for them to spend their time and energy influencing the things they have control over, while not spending too much time worrying about the things out of their control. The results have been mixed at best.

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NALF News | January 2012

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NALF News | January 2012

It’s That Time of Year: NWSS Is Here

Below is a schedule of events for the NWSS. Make plans to attend the National Limousin Sale, Junior Show, Annual Meeting, Membership Banquet, “Genetics on Ice” Benefit Auction, Pen and Carload Shows and the ‘Hill’ show. [view full text…]

Upcoming Events

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